Preparing clay

It all starts with a lump of clay. I use a stoneware clay which is smooth giving a very fine finish to my work. It is a very verstile clay, great to work with for throwing, handbuilding and doing slab work.

Extruding clay

The Scott Creek extruder is clearly my most used tool in the studio for my work. Majority of my work is extruded and each piece is individually altered by hand


All the construction and handbuilding of pieces from different parts is done by hand making each piece very unique. In the background you can see all the chemicals I use to make my own glazes and the Peter Pugger pugmill that I use to recycle my clay. Nothing goes to waste and all scraps of clay get recycled minimizing the effect on the environment.

All my work is food, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.


I use a different process to apply surfaces to make my pieces emulate the look of fabrics.

Here you see me doing slip decoration that is applied freehand with patterns and designs inspired my Indian fabrics and embroidery. The process is similar to icing a cake or applying henna on the hands. This makes each piece unique and one of a kind.