Fiber and Clay wall hanging pillow sculpture

Fiber and Clay wall hanging pillow sculpture


This new work represents my love for both mediums Clay and Fiber. The fiber is prepped/dyed/carded and spun to make a very unique yarn. The yarn is then woven into the ceramic pillow sculpture.

I wanted to created pieces that included both clay and fiber. The clay surface is matte and feels very different from the soft woven fiber. The difference in texture and feel of these two mediums is brought together by the soft looking pillow shape taken by the clay.

From a distance, the sculpture gives the appearance of being a soft pillow but begs to be touched when seen upclose, to feel the different surfaces.

I, for one, love these two mediums and love how they come together in this piece.

Dimensions: 10.5” x 5.5”x 1.5”

Wire at the back to hang on the wall

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